Claudia Villela Invites

Claudia Villela in her new Invites Series will be in great company with guitarist Jeff Buenz.

Villela's, music is a spiritual exercise to be embraced openly and unpremeditated, a search for inspiration and spontaneity. Her compositions and vocal improvisations encompass the full range of human emotion, sometimes dramatic. sometimes humorous, but always fascinating.

Music alive bursting with flavors from Brazil's richest heritage of rhythms and moods. Claudia Villela's performances, compositions and improvisations earned raving reviews from critics and spellbound sold out audiences all over. Both nostalgic and contemporary , her sensual music and performances transcends its language, exploding in creativity , intelligence and depth.

Claudia Villela with Jeff Buenz at the Maybeck
Sunday, December 04, 2016 at 3:00pm
This concert is $35 General Admission