Jazz Vocalist Dima

Singing from the heart with a voice and style reminiscent of the early 50's, Dima was influenced at an early age by the music that surrounded her as a child: the classic sounds of jazz.

She began to develop her style as a jazz singer while studying with Merrill Hoover, a well known jazz pianist best known for his eloquent accompaniment of vocalists such as Ernestine Anderson, Anita O’Day, and Mary Stallings. This rare opportunity set the foundation for her to establish her own unique approach to singing as she fell in love with the jazz standard.

Known for her command of the lyric, beautiful soothing tone, soulful improvisation, and carefully chosen repertoire, Dima keeps alive the true art of the jazz singer.

She will be accompanied by Grammy nominated Jazz pianist John R. Burr. "Burr's subdued seamless piano playing cast a wide net, drawing from Gospel, Blues, Pop, Folk and Jazz....Animated discussions that catch the ear and imagination...." Jazz Times

Dima at the Maybeck with John R. Burr
Sunday, October 12, 2014, 3:00pm
Suggested Donation: $15 at the door.
Seating is limited. Get your required online reservation here.