Charming Hostess and True Life Trio

Join us on September 13 for a double bill featuring Charming Hostess and True Life Trio.

Propulsive rhythm? YES. Eerie harmonies? YES. Voice, text and diaspora consciousness? YES! Charming Hostess plays radical Jewish music with the freak-folk soul of Oakland, California.  Tonight in small form, ChoHo will be singing songs of harvest and celebration from Bosnia to Brooklyn.  We may also present some work-in-progress from our upcoming installation, The Ginzburg Geography. It explores sense of place in the work of Natalia and Leone Ginzburg, famous for their intellectual brilliance and resistance to Mussolini’s fascist state.  This project maps the Ginzburgs’ lives in Turin, Pizzoli, and Rome—places that sustained them emotionally, spiritually, and politically. 

Charming Hostess works at the intersection of voice, text and diaspora consciousness.  Led by founder Jewlia Eisenberg, they often work in immersive performance—making hybrid spaces that incorporate music performance, visitor participation, and experimental ritual.   Recent performance installations include Teraphim (Meridian, 2012) on feminist biblical criticism; and The Bowls Project (YBCA 2010) on Babylonian women’s amulets. They have released four CDs on Tzadik’s Radical Jewish Culture series including Sarajevo Blues, which sets Bosnian resistance poetry, and Trilectic, a look at the political-erotic world of Walter Benjamin.

True Life Trio performs riveting vocal harmonies from Eastern Europe, America & beyond. This innovative trio explores the creative possibilities of cross-fertilization of different traditions with unlikely timbres connecting Bulgaria to the Bayou. TLT’s improvisation-laced repertoire includes original songs and folk tunes from far-flung lands such as Macedonia, Louisiana, Albania, Ukraine, Mexico, Poland, Italy and Georgia. Featuring the powerful vocal talents of three dynamic performers whose musical collaboration was forged in Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble, the trio delves deep into a vast array of folk music that lends itself to three-part vocal harmony, massaging and expanding the boundaries of these traditional styles.  The result is a sweet, sonic explosion that melts in the listener’s ear and that is uniquely True Life Trio.

True Life Trio is:

Leslie Bonnett: voice, fiddle, percussion
Briget Boyle: voice, guitar, percussion
Juliana Graffagna: voice, accordion, percussion

TLT’s debut EP is available on cdbaby:

"True Life Trio has created a unique musical journey...each song is a small auditory work of art meant to be intently listened to."  Ginger Murray, SF WEEKLY

Charming Hostess and True Life Trio at the Maybeck
Saturday, September 13, 2014, 3:00pm
Suggested donation: $20
Seating is limited. Get your required online reservation here.