Gold Duo: Joseph Gold - violin, Raphael Gold - viola

The Gold Duo will perform a delightful concert on June 22. Both life-long musicians, violinist Joseph Gold and violist Raphael Gold have played in orchestras, classical music festivals, and solo performances around the world. All proceeds will benefit the Gold Duo’s Musical Arts Project:
“We believe that music is an integral part of education. As music educators by profession, we feel it our duty to share the joys of music with East Bay students. The project is didactic. Each “lesson” begins with a performance that engages youth to listen carefully and analyze what they hear, what they see, and how it makes them feel. The students then break into small groups for activities that include playing a violin, exploring a violin’s “raw materials,” and experimenting with the vibrations of a taught string and tuning fork. Our goal is to inspire kids to pursue a lifetime love of the musical arts – either as performers or as enthusiastic listeners. We thank you for your contributions and hope you enjoy the concert!”

Canonic duo...............Cristoforo Caresana (1640-1709)
Canonic duo................Gregorio Strozzi (1615-1687)
Two part Inventions.............J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Duet Op. 69 #1, C Major......................Ignaz Pleyel (1757-1831)
Two Jewish Duets by Riccardo Joshua Moretti (1951-)
Ebraica - Eretz
Oblivion.................Astor Piazzola (1921-1992)
Grand Duo Concertante...............Alessandro Rolla (1757-1841)

Gold Duo at the Maybeck Studio
Sunday, June 22, 2014, 3:00pm
Suggested donation: $15 at the door. 
Seating is limited. Get your required online reservation here.

Raphael Gold, violist
A native of the Bay Area, Raphael plays extensively throughout the region in several orchestras and chamber groups.  He began studying the violin at age four with his mom, Debbie Dare.  He has since studied with Bob Slaughter, Beth Gibson, and Don Ehrlich.  He has participated in several international music festivals, including in Spain, Austria, Nicaragua, Mexico, and New York.  Raphael lived in Mexico's Yucatan state for six years, where he was a member of the Yucatan State Symphony Orchestra, and toured extensively throughout Mexico.  There, in an effort to bring classical music to disadvantaged communities, he performed chamber music in correctional facilities, retirement homes, and church-run rehabilitation centers.  These experiences grew into a passion, which Raphael brought with him when he returned to California in 2012.  He launched the Musical Arts Project, and now regularly performs exciting didactic concerts in schools, transitional housing facilities, and other venues.

Joseph Gold, violinist
Joseph Gold began playing the violin at the age of eight.  In his youth, he studied with violinists Grisha Golubov and Henry Fisher.  A graduate of the University of Southern California, Joseph had the privilege of being coached by the great Jascha Heifetz.  Joseph is an enthusiastic proponent of the “romantic revival” of Nineteenth Century music.  He is a widely respected author, lecturer, and critic.  Mr. Gold’s numerous publications include his book, Paganini’s Art of Violin Playing, as well as many transcriptions and original compositions.  Although steeped in the tradition of the Romantic style, he is a versatile musician who has premiered and championed many Twentieth Century compositions while maintaining a large Baroque repertoire.  He has soloed in dozens of countries, including Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines.