Choral Music at the Maybeck

We're proud to host the a capella quartet Sine Nomine for an afternoon of glorious choral music from the 15th through the 20th centuries at the Maybeck Studio, Sunday, September 1, 2013, at 3:00 pm.

This performance is sold out. Thank you for your interest!

Some background on the group:


Without a name, but with an absolute devotion to making music together, four friends combine their voices to explore connection and creativity.

Sine Nomine sings together in Thekla Hammond’s painting studio in Berkeley every week.  Thekla Hammond sings soprano, Griff Hulsey sings tenor, Marguerite Barron sings alto, and Glen Leggoe is the bass.   Each member brings to the sound extensive experience in choral, ensemble, jazz and solo singing.  They polish pieces they have worked on and read new music to expand their repertoire.  The joy they find in sharing the sound and spending the time together takes them often late into the night.

The group concentrates primarily on early church music, Renaissance madrigals, and contemporary music both religious and secular.  They perform for local music clubs, at wedding and memorial services, for Oakland Hospice, for museum openings in conjunction with art work, at house concerts in San Francisco and the East Bay, and frequently in Thekla’s studio just for the joy of sharing an afternoon of wine and song with other friends both old and new.